Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace

Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace - Bukit Jambul is one of hill in Bali East, which offer the stunning nature landscape. The magnificence of point was well known since the Dutch Colonialism Period in Indonesian.

The name of tourist object consist of word “Bukit means Hill” and “Jambul means crest”.

Rice Terrace Bukit Jambul Bali

From afar, this hills with dense grass forest on the peak looks like a hair crest.

And the peak there is also the temple that names “Pucak Sari Temple”. Around the hill, it’s surrounded by the stretch of wide rice field.

The existence of hills, valley, and Bukit Jambul Rice Field Bali are most wanted combination in the point.

Bali Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace Tour

Bali Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace

If you are planning to visit Besakih Temple, should enter Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace Bali into itinerary list. Caused the location is very near of Besakih Temple.

Bali Bukit Jambul Rice Field is about 14 kilometers or half hour trip to reach. The route will take direct route if departing from Bali South.

Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace Tour is really proper for those who want to relax mind in calm green nature point.

Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace Sunset

Being on 500 meter sea level, this make the atmosphere cooler as the situation on mountain. Good Spot to disappear your fatigue and stress from daily routines.

As Jatiluwih and Tegalalang, Bali Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace also offer terrace formation. This is a method which often used by Balinese Farmer for helping them in flowing the water from the field to another.

Perhaps you come before harvest season, it will looks full of green. However after harvesting, it only seem the rice straw which have been cut.   

Where is Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace

Where is Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace

The location of Rice Terrace Bukit Jambul Bali is adjacent to Sidemen Rice Terrace, exactly in the border between Pesaban Village and Nongan Village, Rendang District, Karangasem Regency.

If depart from the popular destination point, it will take time:

  • About 56 minutes (29.3 km) via Jl. Raya Besakih from Ubud.
  • About 1 hour 8 minutes (39.5 km) via Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra from Denpasar City.
  • About 1 hour 22 minutes (51.9 km) via Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra from Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.
  • About 1 hour 36 minutes (56.8 km) via Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai and Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra from Jimbaran.

If having an interest to visit Rice Terrace at Bukit Jambul, you may use tour package or taxi transport service which can be got easily to find around the destination area, namely: Kuta or Ubud.

Best Time to Visit Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace

Best Time to Visit Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace

As other rice terraces tourist object, it’s advised to you come in early morning and late afternoon. This is good time to witness the magnificence of Bali Rice Terrace Bukit Jambul.

Rice Terrace at Bukit Jambul Village

In the morning, Bukit Jambul Bali Hill provide the natural oasis which is truly soothing. Best moment to boost your good mood while feeling the warmth of sunrise.

When late afternoon, you will get the wonderful scenery with shady situation. The right moment to relax while witnessing the reddish yellow panorama of Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace Sunset.

Thing You Should Remember When Visiting

Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace Tour

The nature background in Bukit Jambul is truly lush and stunning. Anytime you visit there, should remember to bring a camera to capture the magnificence of rice field.

Many visitor who came, usually take a perfect shot with rice field background in Bali Rice Terrace Tour. You should take a self photos as memorable memories before leaving.

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