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Munduk Rice Terrace - Most of tourist maybe know Munduk Village for the magical waterfall. It’s indeed right! This point is one of point which offer magical waterfall scenery in North Bali.

However the magnificence of Munduk is not only that. There is another nature splendor you may get there. One of them is a panorama of Munduk Rice Field stretch.

Bali Munduk Rice Field

Bali Rice Terrace Munduk
Bali Rice Terrace Munduk

Munduk Rice Terrace Bali offers stunning green landscape which be surrounded by calm plantations. It is a proper point for those of you who was bored by the situation of coast.

As the rice field at Jatiluwih and Tegalalang, Rice Fields Munduk also offer the uniqueness of terrace formation. It looks stretching wide and fabulous from afar.

North Bali Rice Terrace Tour
North Bali Rice Terrace Tour

If you come on planting season, Bali Rice Terrace Munduk will seems a little bit because the rice plant is still short. But, it is good time if you want to learn how to plant the rice paddy with local farmer.

Otherwise, Munduk Rice Terrace Trekking will looks more wonderful during harvest season. As far as eyes see, your sight will be taken by yellowish green vista.

The appearing of mountain background behind really adds to nature landscape.  

Good Trekking Spot

Munduk Rice Terrace Trekking
Munduk Rice Terrace Trekking

Bali Munduk Trekking Tour is the most recommended activity you may have there. Wide rice field area is appropriate to give fun experience. The adventurous traveler should try it.

Before starting the trek, you should wear a special hiking shoes. It will ease you to conquer the uneven land contour as rice field.

Munduk Rice Terrace Trekking is full of excitement. Along the trip, your eyes will be spoiled by lush green nature. Being on highland area caused the atmosphere is quite cool.

During the trekking on Rice Terrace Munduk Buleleng, you will see many local farmer who are working in their field.

Make an interaction with them if you want to learn and know more about rice paddies plant.

Meanwhile, shouldn’t forget to take a pictures in the wondrous scenery of Munduk Rice Field. Capturing all worth moment there.  

Where is Munduk Rice Terrace

Where is Munduk Rice Terrace
Where is Munduk Rice Terrace

Bali Munduk Rice Terrace is located on mountain village of North Bali exactly in Banjar District, Buleleng Regency.

The location is close to Twin Lake Tourist Object (Buyan and Tamblingan Lake). If you depart from the southern of island, maybe it will take time:

  • About 1 hour 57 minutes (65.5 km) via Jl. Mekarsari - Baturiti Bedugul from Ubud.
  • About 2 hours 11 minutes (73.8 km) via Jl. Denpasar-Singaraja from Denpasar.
  • About 2 hours 40 minutes (93.1 km) via Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai from Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.
  • About 2 hours 54 minutes (98.0 km) via Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai from Jimbaran.
Rice Terrace at Munduk Village
Rice Terrace at Munduk Village

The outreach routes from Bali South to Munduk Rice Terrace Tour will pass a few popular tourist objects such as: Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Beratan Lake, and Bedugul Botanical Garden.

Furthermore, you should also enter these tourist object in the North Bali Rice Terrace Tour itinerary list.

Best Time to Visit

Best Time to Visit Munduk Rice Terrace
Best Time to Visit Munduk Rice Terrace

As Rendang or Sidemen Rice Terrace, Munduk Rice Terrace is a name of tourist object but only rice field area which is owned by local farmer.

Therefore, you come anytime without have to wait for Munduk Rice Terrace Opening Hours and pay an entrance ticket.

Munduk Rice Fields
Munduk Rice Fields

However, if you want to for getting shady and calm situation. It’s very advised to avoid coming at the noon as the sunshine in hottest point.

Otherwise, you should come early morning. This is Best Time to Visit Munduk Rice Terrace and see the most beautiful part.

In the morning, the rice field will offer fresh and cold atmosphere as mountain situation. A natural oasis which will be ready to relax mind and disappear your stress.

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