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Sidemen Bali Rice Terraces

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Sidemen Bali Rice Terraces is a stunning rice field area in the eastern of Bali. This tourist object is very advised if you will plan to go Besakih Temple, caused the location of both is adjacent.

Although, the name of Bali Sidemen Rice Terrace isn’t better known as Jatiluwih or Tegalalang Rice Field Terrace. But, the scenery which be offer on a par of Jatiluwih and Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

Therefore, this Sidemen Rice Terrace Trekking is very recommended if you have ever visited the both of famous rice field above.

Main Attractiveness

Sidemen Bali Rice Terraces
Sidemen Bali Rice Terraces

The stretch of rice terrace in Sidemen Bali Rice Terraces is indeed not as wide as Jatiluwih or Tegalalang. However, there is one special thing you may find in Sidemen Rice Terrace Tour, that is Gorgeous Mount Background.

The presence of Agung Mount (the highest mount in Bali) seems clearly from the rice field area. The background really add and beautify to the Landscape.

Walking down around rice field while witnessing the terrace scenery is good way to spend time there. As far as eyes look, the rice field area looks blanked by overlay of green trees.

Bali Sidemen Rice Field
Bali Sidemen Rice Field

Therefore, Sidemen Rice Field Trekking is pretty shady because of high trees existence. You will also find a small river with slow water flow in a point near rice field area.

In several, there are some plantations. Most of plantations are banana, papaya, cassava, and chili. All is planted by local farmer.

Some small huts is also exist there, it is often used as place to relax by the local Farmer, and cattle pen which is occupied by the cows.

Where is Sidemen Rice Terrace?

Rice Terrace at Sidemen Village
Rice Terrace at Sidemen Village

Perhaps you have an interest to visit Rice Terrace at Sidemen Village. This tourist object is located at main routes of Semarapura-Karangasem, Sidemen Village, Karangasem, eastern of Bali.

For reaching Sidemen Rice Field, it maybe will take time:

  • About 1 hour 20 minutes (45.7 km) via Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Highway from Denpasar.
  • About 1 hour 33 minutes (58.1 km) via Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Highway from Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.
  • About 1 hour 12 minutes (35.4 km) via Gang Besakih Street from Ubud.
  • About 1 hour 44 minutes (63.0 km) via Ngurah Rai and Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Highway from Jimbaran.

You may use a car or motorcycle for reaching Sidemen Rice Terrace Trekking. The situation of routes is pretty calm and not crowded as Bali South.

Sidemen Rice Terrace Opening Hours

Sidemen Rice Terrace Trekking
Sidemen Rice Terrace Trekking

Bali Sidemen Rice Field isn’t a tourist object but only a rice field area which be owned by the local farmer. So, you may visit anytime. Always remember to keep clean around the area.

Best Time to Visit Sidemen Rice Terrace

Best Time to Visit Sidemen Rice Terrace
Best Time to Visit Sidemen Rice Terrace

As Jatiluwih and Tegalalang Rice Field, you should also visit early morning exactly at 07.00 O’clock. It’s good moment to get oasis in the morning.

Start your day with natural morning atmosphere. It is felt fresh and cold when without the pollution. Taking a deep breath to relax your mind.

Yellowish sunshine will looks appearing from the east, it may really warm your skin. Sidemen Rice Terrace Half Day Tour is perfect moment is worth moment to boost your positive mood.

Meanwhile, many local farmers will come to work on their field.

What must remember when visiting Rice Terrace Sidemen

Sidemen Rice Field Trekking
Sidemen Rice Field Trekking

If want to walk down around the Sidemen Rice Terrace Walk Area, you should wear special hiking shoes. Caused the condition of land contour is uneven. By wearing the special shoes will avoid the slipping accident.

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