Pacung Rice Terrace Bali

Not only Jatiluwih, Tabanan Regency still has another amazing rice field, that’s is Pacung Rice Terrace Bali. The natural point which provide fabulous scenery. It is a great destination for foreign tourist.

If you are confused and maybe still being looking for calm and soothing nature spots. Pacung Rice Field is appropriate to entered to your itinerary lists.

The place which offers Beautiful landscape with natural oasis will make you feel at home for long time.

Where is Pacung Rice Terrace

Where is Pacung Rice Terrace

Pacung Rice Terrace is located in Tabanan Regency exactly at Baturiti Vilage (the middle of the island). This is one of point which still has the area of large Bali Rice Field.

Perhaps you have an interest to know about how much needed time to reach it. Let’s check the information below.

  • About 1 hour 21 minutes (45.2 km) via Jl. Denpasar-Singaraja from Denpasar.
  • About 1 hour 8 minutes (36.9 km) via Jl. Mekarsari - Baturiti Bedugul from Ubud.
  • About 1 hour 42 minutes (56.7 km) via Jl. Denpasar-Singaraja from Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Kuta.
  • About 1 hour 52 minutes (61.6 km) via Jl. Denpasar-Singaraja from Jimbaran.

Being on the routes of Denpasar – Singaraja, make Bali Pacung Rice terrace Tour is proper to visit when travelling to North Bali such as: Gitgit Waterfall, Lovina Beach, or Beratan Lake

Things to Do In Pacung Rice Terrace

Bali Pacung Rice terrace Tour

Bali Pacung Rice Terrace is beautiful nature area, there are many things to do here. We have prepared what you should things to do in Pacung Rice Field, such as:

1. Witness Pacung Rice Terrace Scenery

things to do in pacung rice terrace

First, you may definitely find the nature overlay namely: rice field and plantations. It looks full of green from far. This is best point to spoil your eyes and disappear the fatigue or stress in the mind.

As others rice terraces above, Best Time to Visit Pacung Rice Terrace is early morning and late afternoon.

Those times will give you a shady and good situation, and be avoided of hot sunshine which contact on your skin. So, you may witness Landscape Rice Terrace at Pacung Village comfortably.

When coming in the morning, this offers cooler and fresher atmosphere with warm sunshine.

This perfect time to relax your mind while taking deep breath in natural oasis.

2. Meet the Local Farmers

Rice Terrace at Pacung Village

If coming in the morning especially, you will meet the local farmer who will start to work in their Bali Rice Field.

They are very friendly by the visitor, it is a good chance to make an interaction with them. You may learn much about how to plant the paddy here. They would be glad to tell and teach it all.

Almost all of techniques and equipment which they use are still traditional. Except for field hijackers, just a few use a tractor engine.

Perhaps you are having a vacation with children, it is recommended place to they know and learn regarding the nature. Furthermore, you will also get a lot of knowledge here.

3. Walk Around Bali Pacung Rice Paddy

Bali Pacung Rice Terrace

Besides meet up with local farmer, you can also walking down around Pacung Rice Paddy. It is a proper way to spend the time here.

There is a footpath you may follow while enjoying the scenery. You will get and see sundry green landscapes with cool atmosphere. It’s a perfect treatment to disappear the fatigue.

Before getting around, make sure you wear special hiking shoes and be careful. But never leave the trash in the area in order to rice field keep clean and beautiful.

4. Take Amazing and Unique Shot

Pacung Rice Terrace Sunrise or Sunset

While getting around, don’t forget to capture all your moment by taking your own images in Pacung Rice Terrace.

Wait for the appearance Pacung Rice Terrace Sunrise or Sunset (as early morning and late afternoon) to make more amazing photos and images.

If you want to get a more unique photos, you may borrow the attributes which are often used by local farmer politely, such as: woven hats, hoes and traditional baskets.

5. Try a few Traditional Foods

Pacung Restaurant with Rice Terrace View

After feeling satisfied to walk down rice field, this is right time to try a few traditional foods. There are many food stalls and Pacung Restaurant with Rice Terrace View around the area.

Here, you can try delicious traditional menus, namely: Kuwir Nyatnyat (made from Muscovy Duck Meat) and Entil (Balinese Typical Snack).

For foreign tourist, maybe these menus sounds peculiar but really be recomended to try. The price is cheap enough.

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