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3 Fun Things to Do Near Tegalalang Rice Terrace

For you who plan to get Tegalalang Rice Terrace Tour but haven’t known things to do near the tourist objects. In the following, we will tell you about 3 fun activities you can try there as follows:

1. ATV Adventure

ATV Adventure along Bali Forest with Waterfall - Photo by @lizziewicks

ATV Riding adventure is an activity you can try near Tegalalang Rice Terrace specifically around Ubud Area.

The adventure will involve you into an exploration along muddy and wet tracks on quad bike or atv (all-terrain vehicle).

In general, it will also get through some impressive natures such as: small forest, rice fields, waterfall, plantations, or even traditional rural.

Hence, you may get many experiences while exploring the nature of Bali during the adventure.

2. Bali Rafting

Rafting Adventure at Ayung River - Photo by @abfamus

Bali Rafting is another activity that you may try near Tegalalang. The activity will involve you in fun navigation along river route on an inflatable boat.

The boat generally may be boarded by 4 – 6 participants who hold each paddle.

Along the route, you and friends in group are required to work with each to control and maneuver direction of the boat.

One of popular rafting spot near Tegalalang is Ayung River, which it has about 10 km long route with stunning nature views.

3. Bali Swing

Swing on Tegalalang Rice Terrace - Photo by @mari5abel_

Bali Swing is the newest activity in Bali and can be found near Tegalalang Village. The swing here is different of others that you generally see in playgrounds.

When seeing them at first, you probably feel shocked because the swings offer extreme and unusual high starting from 10 meters, 15 meters, and even 20 meters.

Okay, above are some recommendations of fun activities that you can try near Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Which one will you try?