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Tipping Housekeeping in Bali: 5 Things You Need to Know

For those of you who haven’t still know about tipping housekeeping in Bali. Here, we will give guide information in detail for you.

Although tipping isn’t mandatory but it is valueable. Because, tipping can be meant as a form of appreciation and gratitude for good quality service of the housekeepers.

Tipping Housekeeping in Bali

The following are 5 things you must know before tipping housekeeping in Bali.

  1. Amount of A Tip to Housekeeping

    Tipping Etiquette Bali
    Tipping Etiquette Bali

How much to tip tour guide in Bali? Normally, it ranges from IDR 20.000 – IDR 50.000 or probably be more (depends on hotel rating).

In addition, you should also know how many people on duty in your room. In some hotels, one room can be cleaned by 2 – 3 housekeepers. Knowing it will ease you in determining amount of tip.

  1. Best Place to Leave A Tip

    How Much To Tip Housekeeping Bali
    How Much To Tip Housekeeping Bali

Schedule of the housekeepers often clashes with the guest. As an example, when housekeepers are on duty but you have exited the room for a tour. It surely will get you in trouble to tip.

Solution for above is by leaving a tip on right places such as on the pillow, under it, or under the phone. And, don’t forget to enclose a small note.

  1. Place to Avoid When Leaving A Tip

    Tipping Guide Bali
    Tipping Guide Bali

There are some places where you must avoid when leaving a tip, as one of them is on the table. The housekeepers aren’t allowed to take money on the table.

Every hotel has their own policy for the staffs in taking a money. The housekeepers probably get penalized although money on the table means a tip.

For avoiding a mistake, you should enclose a small note at money so the housekeepers can know whether it is a tip or not.

  1. Leave A Tip at the Time of the Day

    Tipping Hotel Staff in Bali
    Tipping Hotel Staff in Bali

When staying on hotel, you should wait the last day of stay to tip. Because, cleaning in your room is probably done by different housekeepers every day. So, you should leave a tip at the time of the day so the tip can be got by the right person.

  1. Tip for Extra Service

    Bali Holiday Plan
    Bali Holiday Plan

During the stay, you probably need some additional items such as baby beds or extra pillows. Generally, the housekeeper who will come to bring it to you.

Request as above is extra service for the housekeepers. Moreover, the items you need have a heavy load, such as: double bed or additional table. It’s really tiring for them.

As a gratitude, you can give them a tip directly as a form of gratitude. Avoid to give it in the next day because they no longer get a schedule in your room.

Okay, above are 5 things you must know before tipping housekeepers in Bali.

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