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Jatiluwih Rice Terrace Trekking, These are You Must Prepare

Jatiluwih is the largest rice terrace in Bali Island which it has a wide of 632 acres area on the highland (about 700 meters above level sea) in Penebel District, Tabanan Regency.

The rice terrace is a popular spot by many tourists who want to do a trekking activity while exploring the picturesque green nature.

Best Time to Trekking at Jatiluwih

Trekking Experience at Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

For you who want to do a trekking at the rice terrace, it will be better to do in the morning or late afternoon.

In the morning, you can trek while enjoying fresher and cooler atmosphere without pollution, feel warmth of yellowish sunrise, and also see local farmers who will start to work in their fields.

They still do all works by traditional techniques and equipment as an example is cutting grasses by sickle. It looks so attractive to see during the trekking.

While late afternoon features calmer atmosphere which is alternative time and recommended for those who can’t visit in the morning.

Preparations before Trekking

Jati Luwih Green Land Bali

Before trekking, you should prepare some things for more amazing experience such as:

  1. Good and Fit Physical

Firstly, make your physical is good and fit before trekking so that you can trek safely and smoothly. The good and fit physical can be prepared by doing exercise routinely along weeks before trekking.

It may prevent your muscles have cramps when trekking and make your trip become more comfortable and exciting.

  1. Special Trekking Footwear

Along trekking route, you probably will get through dirt way where may make your foot slip particularly in rainy season.

For avoiding it, you should wear special trekking shoes or slippers to ease in getting through dirt way.

Green Scenery at Jatiluwih Rice Terrace
  1. Camera

During the trekking, you surely get many funny and beautiful moments along the route. Bring a camera so that you don’t lose the moments.

The recommended camera to bring is action type that has smaller and simple design so that it will be easy to hold along the route.

  1. Mineral Water

Trekking along the route may make you feel thirsty. Hence, prepare a bottle of mineral water before it. It’s important because you probably will not see a stall along the route.

You can bring and put it into backpack during the trekking.

All preparations above are useful to make your trekking become more comfortable. Therefore, make sure you prepare it before trekking.