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Is It Safe To Visit Monkey Forest Ubud With Baby? Find Out Here

Although Ubud monkey forest is a popular spot in Bali but some tourists particularly those who bring a baby still feel doubtful to visit because nosy behaviour of the monkeys.

Is it safe to visit Monkey Forest Ubud with baby? It is considered safe as long as you obey the visiting rules and not tempt the monkeys there.

In the monkey forest, there were many people there with baby in strollers and in those pouches that carry them on their chest or back because it’s allowed.

4 Safety Tips for Visiting Ubud Monkey Forest

The following are some safety tips for visiting Ubud Monkey Forest.

  1. Avoid Bringing Snacks

    Bali Monkey Forest Ubud

When entering the monkey forest, the visitors shouldn’t bring snacks or drinks because it can attract attention monkeys to seize force from you.

If the monkeys know you bring snacks, they will follow and even attack you.

  1. Avoid Eye Contact with Monkeys

    Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Avoid eye contact with the monkeys when you are close to them. Some monkeys interpret eye contact as a challenge to fight so they may be aggressive to you.

You should also keep an eye on your baby so it doesn’t look the monkey’s eyes.

  1. Avoid to Be Panic When A Monkey Comes

    Monkey Forest Attraction in Ubud

Sometimes, a monkey probably come and jump to your body. In the condition, you shouldn’t panic because it will only make the monkeys attack you. Try to be quiet and they will go away on their own.

  1. Take Off Your All Jewelleries

    Ubud Monkey Forest

One thing you must always remember before entering monkey area is taking off your all jewelleries, namely: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and so on. You can keep on your bag in the car during visiting.

Maybe monkey steals your items such as smartphone or camera. You should ask staff for a help to get back your items. The monkeys usually want to return when exchanged for food. Just in case, you should bring rope strap.