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Ceking Rice Terrace Bali, Natural Point You Should Visit in Ubud

Ceking Rice Terrace Bali or also known as Tegalalang Rice Terrace is a green rice field expanse which located in the northern of Ubud Village.

A recommendation of wonderful point you should enter into the itinerary list when visiting Ubud. Perhaps you are curious about this rice terrace.

Let’s see the entirety of its information below.   

Bali Rice Field with Unique Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace
Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Ceking rice field is being on the highland area with uneven land contour. The scenery of rice field is pretty unique. It seems clearly on its terrace formations.

Terracing is one of method part in Subak System (Traditional Irrigation System in Bali).

This formation is designed to help the local farmer in flowing the water from one rice field to another (lower point).

Supposedly, Rice Terrace is said that it have been exist since 9th Century and still well guarded until now by local farmer.

Stunning Green Landscape with Cool Air

Bali Rice Terrace Ubud
Bali Rice Terrace Ubud

On arrival at parking area, you just need to walk down some steps. Then, your eyes will be taken by green expanse.

As far as you see, it shows off stunning green landscape. Here, the visitors are allowed to explore the rice field.

This is proper way to get the whole of the majesty.

Before trekking, make sure you have worn a hiking special shoe for easing to trek around uneven land routes.

Along track, you will probably see local farmer whom work in their field. It is opportunity to make an interaction with them.

They are really friendly by the visitor. But, you should take local tour guide if want to learn about rice paddies plant. Because, a few of them haven’t been able to speak English.

Meanwhile, you should remember to hold a camera along the exploration. There are many beautiful moment. You don’t want to lose it all, right?  

Others Point Besides Rice Terrace

Ceking Rice Terrace Ubud
Ceking Rice Terrace Ubud

After feeling satisfied in exploring the rice terrace, you shouldn’t leaving the tourist object immediately. Caused, there are some others point you must also to visit.

Near parking area, you will see some. Some of them sell various kind of handicraft such as bags, t-shirts, paints, jewelries, sculptures, and many mores.

All items is made by Balinese Art and Characteristic, very worth souvenirs. The price is also affordable enough.

Besides that, the restaurant and café is also exist around it. Good place to enjoy the food while witnessing the Tegalalang Rice Terrace view.

The location of Ceking Rice Terrace

Ceking Bali Rice Terraces
Ceking Bali Rice Terraces

This beautiful rice terrace is exactly at located the routes of Ubud – Kintamani, Tegalalang, Gianyar Regency. It is approximately 10 Kilometer from Ubud Center.

Whether you can see Ceking Rice Terrace Map, below!


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