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Bali Reopening To Tourists (Updated) – What You Must Know!

Bali Island is always crowded every day by international tourists. However, it nowadays is quiet when the government decide to close airport during the covid-19 pandemic.

The close of the airport is done to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. Not only that, some popular tourist objects and accommodations around the south of the island as Ubud and Kuta are also closed for a while.

It also makes many peoples in the worlds have to cancel their trip to the island until the pandemic ends.

When Will Bali Reopen For Tourists?

The Government Consider Reopening Bali for Tourists in 2020

Bali reopening to tourists is still uncertain. The airport actually had been opened since june begin, but not for some tourist objects.

The tourist objects in Bali was also actually planned to open in “june begin”. However, it was pushed back after the coronavirus case increased to 32 peoples, all became 640 cases on june 10.

The reopening is probably considered step by step between June and October as an estimation of the pandemic cases decrease.

Bali Reopen for Travel

So, if you ask “When Can I Travel to Bali Again? you may probably visit in end of years or begin of new years for more comfortable experience.

According to information from some media, the tourist objects will be not opened at the same time but it done step by step.

Maybe the reopening will started from area of ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation) in Nusa Dua first because the place is more isolated, far from the settlements, and offered complete facilities.

Then, when the coronavirus cases decrease to zero (end) in the world. Then, some tourist spots as Tanah Lot or Monkey Forest in Ubud will be reopened.

Need to note that it will not be also done by reopening areas around it to support rule of social-distancing first.

Tips for Travelling Bali After The Pandemic

Yoga in Bali During The Covid 19 Pandemic

After the pandemic ends and you decide to travel Bali Island. You should start to have new good habits during the travelling, as below.

  1. Wash Your Hands Frequently with Soap

    Washing Hands During The Pandemic in Bali

During the holiday in the island, you probably will visit some public area such as minimarkets, money changers, or restaurants where you must touch a door handle.

The door handle is a potential place for coronavirus because it is often held by dozens of peoples (even hundreds). So that, the point is fast as for a transmission of the coronavirus.

To avoid you from the transmission of the coronavirus, you should always remember to wash your hands frequently with soap when arriving at your hotel or villa.

Washing hands with soap is considered effective to kill the coronavirus on the hands. Therefore, it will prevent you become infected the coronavirus.

  1. Always Bring A Hand Sanitizer

    Use of Hand Sanitizer

For more comfortable experience, you should also bring a hand sanitizer wherever you go to prevent a transmission of the coronavirus.

The hand sanitizer usually has a form of liquid or gel in a small bottle. It is easy to apply on your hand and also bring in your pocket or bag when travelling.

Why must you bring a hand sanitizer? Because, in some tourist spots as beaches, waterfalls, and so on will not be facilitated by a place of washing hands.

The crowd spots as above are potential for the transmission of the coronavirus. It probably make us feel worried if there is no a place of washing hands.

Bring a hand sanitizer is the best want to be careful when visiting the public areas or tourist spots. The hand sanitizer can be easily got in the minimarkets and usually costs from IDR 20.000 – IDR 100.000 (depends on size of bottle and brand).

  1. Avoid Visiting Crowded Places

    Bali Swing in Ubud

During the vacation, you should avoid visiting crowded places for safer travelling experience. The crowded places is usually center of tourist areas.

Otherwise, you are more advised to visit a quiet place (far from crowd) as rural areas in Ubud or Bali North.

Beside calmer, Ubud and Bali North are more recommended because they have many hidden natural spots where are far from crowd.

For an example, you can visit some amazing spots as Tegalalang Rice Terrace and Tegenungan Waterfall if you decide to choose Ubud as place to stay.

For North Bali, there are also many hidden amazing spots to visit namely: Sekumpul Waterfall, Lemukih Village, and so on.

  1. Ensure Physical Distance of One Meter

    Sunset on Balis Beach

If you should prefer to visit popular tourist spots with more crowded people, then you always remember to ensure physical distance of one meter amongst others visitors.

It is important to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus from one people to you particularly when sneezing.

Besides that, you should avoid shaking hands with new people or unknown people at a tourist objects because the hands are higher risk as the transmission of the coronavirus.

Perhaps you can get acquainted with others peoples while reminding not to shake hands each other. And, make sure you to use a face mask.

  1. Boost Your Immune

    Turmeric Powder for Balinese Jamu Elixir

The last tips is always boosting your immune system, it can be done by keeping your diets, sleeping in enough time (7 to 8 hours), and also exercising routinely.

You can try to drink a glass of jamu elixir – an immunity-boosting traditional medicine from Indonesia which is made from a potent mixture of turmeric, tamarind, and sometimes with ginger, lime, and honey too.

Meanwhile, you may exercise by joining in gym or yoga class (easy to find around Ubud). Nowadays, most of studios provide online class to prevent the crowd.

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